Industrial Engineering

Our Expertise

Seychell Engineering and Fabrication provides services to its customers in the industrial sector that include both prototyping/small volume manufacture right through to the regular volume production of parts which are used in its customers large scale manufacturing processes. Quality, reliable delivery and price are all important within this business sector and the long relationship that Seychell has with its industrial customers demonstrates our commitment to deliver in all three areas.


We are able to provide a wide range of engineering and fabrication solutions to industrial sector clients including:


    • Manual and CNC Milling and Turning for prototypes through to large scale productions.
    • Metal Fabrication, bending / forming for all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
    • MIG, TIG, Spot and Gas Welding.
    • Laser and high pressure water cutting alongside manual and automated sawing.
    • Product finishing including painting, powder coating, galvanizing and engraving.

Our Strengths

The quality of our products has always been key to the company’s success. We are ISO9001 accredited and our team of experienced engineers utilise sophisticated production planning software to make sure each project runs smoothly and is delivered on time.

It’s not just the quality of our products that keeps our clients returning but the expertise of our staff and quality of our customer support, from detailed initial quotations right through to to timely on site delivery.

As an Oxfordshire based engineering & metal fabrication company our early roots are not surprisingly in the motor sport industry. Over the last three decades our expertise has developed across multiple industry sectors for clients both local and national.

For more information about our core engineering and metal fabrication services and capabilities please click on the links below: